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The COVID-19 crisis is devastating for the travel agent, but if we join forces and act now, it also presents an opportunity to build a better future.

Jochem Wijnands Founder TRVL

Open arms!


We’re sad to see some of our colleagues out of work due to the crisis. We would like to welcome them with open arms.

Come and join TRVL so your expertise and passion for travel will not be lost.

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More customers, more revenues

Your travel expertise is valuable for customers around the world. But how will these customers find you and connect with you?

The solution

An online marketplace for travel agents. On a global scale.

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of existing TRVL members voted YES for a travel agent marketplace.

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Competing with OTAs has been my biggest challenge as an agent. So bringing travel agents to the web and reclaiming lost territory is right on the money.

Richard Williams London, UK

It would be great to expand my business beyond the clients that I have today.

Katie Davies Miami, USA

TRVL is a revolutionary booking platform and a global travel agent community

Earn a commission on2 million hotels
Exclusive industry discounts20% to 65%

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Yes we do and research confirms this. Surveys from CMA and Yieldify show that a staggering 80% of consumers that book online would like personalised advice (check!) and 47% of travelers find online travel planning outright stressful (check!). Conclusion: there is a serious need to offer the services of travel agents online and help customers with their trip planning. Yes it is absolutely free. Sorry, but no. TRVL is created by travel pros and is for travel pros only. Yes you need a profile to be found and to connect with customers and other members. Setting up your profile will take no more than 30 minutes and you only have to do this once. You will earn a travel agent commission on every booking. You can make bookings for your existing clients and, when our travel agent market place launches, for customers around the world.

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Let’s seize this moment. Let’s start building the future we want, for each other, for our customers and for the benefit of our wonderful travel industry.

Joining TRVL is free. Setting up your profile will only take 30 minutes.

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