About us

We believe that travel agents are the key to making travel better. Our mission is to empower and emancipate travel agents to better serve their clients and to become a leading force on the internet.

TRVL is a global travel agent community and a revolutionary booking platform that compares prices and commission rates of over 20 million hotel rooms from Expedia, Booking and Bedsonline. Our members also have exclusive access to 60,000 industry deals with discounts of 20 to 65%.

Together we've been everywhere

Our travel agent community is based on the principle of sharing expert recommendations with each other, and collectively creating a travel agent knowledge centre that benefits us all.

Bringing travel agents to the web

Confronted with the COVID-19 crisis we decided to leapfrog into the future and create a travel agent market place, where travel pros can be found and connect with customers all over the world. Our existing members are the driving force behind this initiative.

We’re sad to see some of our colleagues out of work due to the crisis. Their expertise, passion and knowledge are extremely valuable and it would be a shame if it would be lost to the world. As a community of travel agents, we’re welcoming them with open arms.

How it started

TRVL is founded by entrepreneur and global wanderer Jochem Wijnands. TRVL first started as a digital travel magazine in 2010, and took a turn when TRVL’s publishing technology was acquired by Apple in 2014 and developed into Apple News.

When Jochem was working at Apple and living in California, he wanted to take a trip to Mexico. But after spending 40 hours researching he still had no idea where to go or to stay.

That is when he decided to empower travel agents to become the driving force again behind the most amazing travel experiences of travelers around the globe.

TRVL as you know it today was founded in January 2016.


We’re fortunate to be working with one of the leading travel companies, Discover the World, located in Scottsdale, USA. For almost four decades, Discover has been looking after the best interests of travel agents in over 100 countries.

Partner of the world’s biggest hotel providers

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Bedsonline
  • Priceline