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Amsterdam Noord (North) is Amsterdam's trendiest, most ‘up-and-coming’ neighborhood. The weather-beaten industrial units house everything from the IJ-Hallen flea market at NDSM to lively food truck festivals, while graffiti-laden walls help to lend the area its distinctive vibe. This alternative, unspoiled area of town is where you can enjoy all the benefits of being in a capital city – innovative restaurants, laid-back bars, quirky stores – but without the camera-happy, map-wielding crowds. One place to check out in Noord is the futuristic EYE Film Institute, which you can see from the back of Central Station. With an eclectic program of new and old movies, exhibitions and a really cool bar and restaurant, the EYE should appear close to the top your list of things to see in Amsterdam. You need to cross the IJ to reach north, but don’t worry – boats from Central Station run 24/7 and are free of charge.

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7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

Amsterdam is one of those cities that is drenched in clichés. I’ve overheard people saying that they thought Amsterdam was itself a country (Holland clearly isn’t interesting enough to benefit from word of mouth publicity), that the Dutch  all wear wooden shoes (imagine the pain!), that Amsterdam is  covered in tulips, and that literally everyone   smokes weed. All. Day. Long. I’m not here to smash your dreams into a thousand tiny pieces, but that’s plain bullcheese. On the other hand, some Amsterdam clichés are true and are definitely worth giving a try. They aren’t clichés for nothing, am I right?