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Walk west out of the Jordaan and you'll soon find yourself in Oud-West (Old West). This sprawling, multicultural neighborhood is as lively and vibrant as Amsterdam gets. Trendy bars packed with locals, diverse restaurants serving up everything from Ethiopian to Greek cuisine, bustling markets and boutique furniture shops – Oud-West is a hive of activity. Going to the movies might not seem like an obvious thing to do while visiting a city, but Oud-West boasts some particularly good cinemas that are well worth seeing. Lab111 is one of them: a former anatomy laboratory that screens independent and alternative films. The restaurant is really good, too. For the best film/food combination, however, look no further than De Hallen. This cultural and culinary complex is housed in yet another converted building – this time a former tram repair hall – with the Foodhallen indoor food market proving to be especially popular with Amsterdammers. Tuck into some Korean fried chicken or a soft-shell crab burger here before catching a movie in the Filmhallen next door. The Vondelpark and Museum District are just a short walk away, or you could also head even further west to discover yet more lively bars and cafes.

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7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

Amsterdam is one of those cities that is drenched in clichés. I’ve overheard people saying that they thought Amsterdam was itself a country (Holland clearly isn’t interesting enough to benefit from word of mouth publicity), that the Dutch  all wear wooden shoes (imagine the pain!), that Amsterdam is  covered in tulips, and that literally everyone   smokes weed. All. Day. Long. I’m not here to smash your dreams into a thousand tiny pieces, but that’s plain bullcheese. On the other hand, some Amsterdam clichés are true and are definitely worth giving a try. They aren’t clichés for nothing, am I right?