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Earn money and karma with your travel recommendations.

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    Sign up as a TRVL Agent and earn a commission by booking hotels for friends and family, just like a travel agent.

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    Qualify as a Local Expert and help fellow travelers from across the globe with your local recommendations.

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TRVL is a trusted community marketplace

TRVL is a trusted community marketplace

Your personalized recommendations will help other travelers find the ideal hotel in the best neighborhood. They save huge amounts of time and end up with a better trip, you earn a commission. You both share a great experience.

What you can earn

City Trip to NYC

City Trip to NYC

2 people - 3 nights

Family Trip to Mexico

Family Trip to Mexico

4 people - 7 nights

Long Haul to Europe

Long Haul to Europe

2 people - 14 nights


Why you will love being a TRVL Agent

  • Extra income

    As a TRVL Agent you will have access to TRVL's inventory of 1,4 million hotels. You can recommend, share, publish and book hotels for others and even for yourself and earn a commission per booking. Just like a travel agent.

  • Flexibility

    You can create and share travel recommendations whenever you want, wherever you are. When you qualify as a Local Expert, you will receive questions from other travelers on your mobile phone, adding even more flexibility.

  • Power to the traveler!

    You will be helping friends and fellow travelers from across the world by matching them to their ideal hotel, based on their wishes, budget and taste. You will take the stress out of travel research and put the fun back in.

Earn up to 10% per booking

Tailor-make trips for others and earn extra income

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