Monks carry out a Buddhist ceremony at the annual Demoche festival held in Punakha Dzong monastery. The five-day festival in February centers around a re-enactment of the Tibetan invasion of 1639, which was defeated - a great source of national pride.
Bhutan – Photo Tip

How to perfectly shoot into the sun

Photo by Peter Adams

Bhutan – Photo Tip How to perfectly shoot into the sun

Suddenly, while I was preoccupied photographing the entrance of the Punaka Dzong monastry in Bhutan, I heard the deep tones of Buddhist horns.

Peter Adams
Peter Adams Travel Photographer

I lifted my head and lowered my camera upon catching the distinctive sound. A procession of monks appeared before me, heading towards the river. I made an instant decision: I needed to follow them.

Running ahead of the monks, I grabbed a few frames before sprinting forward once more. This was hard work in the high-altitude air with a heavy camera bag on my back.

I decided to take a risk by shooting into the sun for a high key effect. I thought it would bring out the illusion of 'divine light'. I needed one of the passing monks to 'eclipse' the sun's rays to give the effect I required but without over-powering lens flare which gives a washed out effect.

Making one last lung-bursting effort, I ran ahead to fire off several quick frames, praying that one might provide divine intervention for the desired effect. In the end, I was happy.

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