Fenway Park, Fenway / Kenmore, Boston.
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A day in... Fenway / Kenmore, Boston

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TRVL Neighborhoods A day in... Fenway / Kenmore, Boston

Boston's history and Revolutionary connections are the stuff of legend, but for fine arts and home runs, you want to be in Fenway / Kenmore: an artsy, baseball-mad neighborhood to the southwest of the city center. Spending a day and evening here is time very well spent indeed.

James Hiam
James Hiam Editor

Following breakfast at your hotel, or an indulgent brunch at Eastern Standard at the Hotel Commonwealth if you're visiting at the weekend (their famous brunch is open to non-guests, too), stretch your legs with a walk around The Fens. There's plenty to see in this park, designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, in addition to it just being a pleasant spot for a morning stroll. The World War II memorial is definitely worth checking out.

You might start to feel your belly grumbling by the end of the morning, and if that's the case head to Kenmore Square for a bit of lunch at a brasserie, bar, or trendy sushi joint. Then head south and back across the park, and buy a ticket to either – or both of – the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The Museum of Fine Arts boasts one of the country's best and broadest art collections, while you're unlikely to visit a more unique, special art gallery than the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This former mansion, with a serene courtyard at its center and rooms packed with paintings, sculptures, and antique furnishings, is simply stunning, and visiting is an experience you're unlikely to forget in a hurry. If your name happens to be Isabella – and you can prove it, too – you can even visit for free!

Isabella was also a huge baseball fan, and there's only one place to be in the evening in Fenway / Kenmore and that's at Fenway Park, watching the legendary Boston Red Sox striking out batters, stealing bases, and smacking home runs. Boston boasts several famous sports franchises, including the New England Patriots (football), the Boston Celtics (basketball), and the Boston Bruins (ice hockey), but this is a city where baseball reigns supreme. The Red Sox enjoy fanatical support, and getting your hands on a pair of tickets can prove difficult if not impossible. If you aren't able to score tickets, then the second best place to be is at a bar on Landsdowne Street, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the game play out on the big screen with a pitcher of beer and a plate of chicken wings for company – oh, and other raucous Red Sox fans too, of course.

Baseball not your thing? Head back up to Kenmore Square for dinner, or jump on the subway and head downtown for your night out before returning to your hotel in Fenway / Kenmore.


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