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Hello Mexico City!

Mexico City is one of the world's great metropolises, a big, colorful, chaotic kind of place with an energy that's simply irresistible. The noisy crowds and busy streets might not be to everyone's taste, but lovers of art, architecture and cutting-edge design, great food and drink, and an amazing night out will enjoy every minute, day and night. There are well over a hundred museums and art galleries in Mexico City, but if you think that number is impressive, wait until you see the street food. Mexico City is a mecca for snacking on the street, whether you're picking up timales for breakfast beneath the awning of a food truck, tucking into a huarche or alambre from the stalls at Le Merced, or handing over a few coins and eating a taco or torta from a hole in the wall joint. Wash it all down with a beer or tequila in a noisy cantina that's dense with smoke, animated chatter, and Mariachi music, before clubbing into the early hours in Zona Rosa. You don't need to have a lust for life to enjoy a night out in Mexico City, but it certainly comes in handy.

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