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Not so much a single neighborhood as it is an assortment of several, West Town is as diverse and unpretentious as it is effortlessly hip. Brick houses and intimate music venues in trendy Wicker Park, revamped warehouses and great dining in industrial-chic Fulton River District, culture, history and heritage in the Ukrainian Village – West Town is a lively mix of neighborhoods that together comprise one of Chicago's most distinctive areas. You'll find everything here that you couldn't find on the Magnificent Mile: diners serving up corn beef hash and fresh donuts, award-winning pie shops, boutique stores selling locally-designed clothes and crafts. Then there's Alcala's Western Wear, a store that specializes in the fitting and sale of cowboy hats and boots. The skyscrapers and swanky cocktail joints might suggest otherwise, but Chicago is still Mid-West through and through.

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