Hygiene does not appear to be a priority in this public market in Cartagena, although newspaper pictures of Colombia’s gorgeous women in bikinis might be (see man on the right). The third-most populous country in Latin America after Mexico and Brazil, with over 46 million people, Colombia suffers from high levels of poverty but life expectancy is 71 years for men and 78 for women.
Colombia – Photo Tip

How going shopping will make you a better photographer

Photo by Jurjen Drenth

Colombia – Photo Tip How going shopping will make you a better photographer

Markets are always attractive hunting grounds for photographers, but in Colombia this is especially true.

Jurjen Drenth
Jurjen Drenth Travel Photographer

However, good photographs of markets are difficult to make. Why? Because of the chaos that markets often are, the hues of the bright color that come from overhanging shades and the stark contrast between dark shadows and bright sunlight. All potential problems you would like to avoid, so watch out for those.

The secret of good market photos is to make those who work there the subject. People working on a market are cheerful and open. They like to make jokes, to interact. It’s part of their job and helps to pass the long hours they spend on their feet. They are usually proud of their produce.

If you make eye contact, smile, enter into a conversation just for the sake of it and don’t hide your intentions, you are bound to end up with great photos of happy people that reflect the dynamics of the place.

The guy in this photo jumped into the boxing pose the moment he saw me. All in good fun, of course!

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