Darwin Convention Centre is a major landmark of the city, especially at night, and a key part of the redevelopment of the waterfront. A wind tunnel test of the design was able to minimize the amount of steel in the building.
Darwin – Photo Tip

Tips for the serious night photographer

Photo by David Wall

Darwin – Photo Tip Tips for the serious night photographer

When wet weather and flooded roads curtailed my photography in Darwin, night photography is a great alternative.

David Wall
David Wall

Shooting at night always throws up one inescapable challenge: keeping the camera still. Not everyone wants to carry a heavy tripod on their travels, and there's not always a suitable platform for a mini tripod. Luckily, modern DSLR cameras can shoot at ISO settings only dreamed of in the past.

Add an image-stabilized lens, and hold the camera hard against the side of a power pole, and you open up a new world of hand-held night photography. The image I took of Shenannigans Pub was amazingly shot hand-held at ISO3200, f4 at 1/15th sec at 105mm.

Still, for the serious night photographer, there is nothing better than a good tripod. Unfortunately, the general rule is: the heavier the better. The image of the Darwin Convention Center was shot at ISO400, f11 to get a better depth of field, with a three-second exposure.

I always look for any aspects that will add to the impact of an image. In this case the lighting, and a near perfect reflection in the calm water of the usually turbulent wave pool, formed a very graphic violet oval.

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