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There are no fewer than 92 different museums in Amsterdam, the most famous of which are located in the Museum District. However, the Plantage area boasts several fantastic museums of its own, and its location just east of the city center makes it one of Amsterdam's most appealing neighborhoods. The Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) is among the most impressive of these museums, which traces the naval history of the Netherlands and features a replica of an 18th-century ship. Don't fancy queuing up for the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum? Then check out the Hermitage instead – a satellite of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and which stages some dazzling art exhibitions. Artis is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and makes for a great day out, too. There is much more to the Plantage area than its museums and art galleries, however. Some of the most stylish restaurants in the city can be found on this side of the Amstel, while the Waterlooplein flea market is one of the biggest and oldest of its kind in The Netherlands. The city center is only ever a short walk away, but if you want to stay somewhere away from the dense crowds, the Plantage will be right up your street.

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7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

Amsterdam is one of those cities that is drenched in clichés. I’ve overheard people saying that they thought Amsterdam was itself a country (Holland clearly isn’t interesting enough to benefit from word of mouth publicity), that the Dutch  all wear wooden shoes (imagine the pain!), that Amsterdam is  covered in tulips, and that literally everyone   smokes weed. All. Day. Long. I’m not here to smash your dreams into a thousand tiny pieces, but that’s plain bullcheese. On the other hand, some Amsterdam clichés are true and are definitely worth giving a try. They aren’t clichés for nothing, am I right?