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That you can expect to find some great beaches in and around Puerta Plata shouldn't come as any great surprise. Located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic – the so-called 'Silver Coast' – this bustling city attracts sun-seeking beach dwellers of almost every persuasion, with the resorts of nearby Playa Dorada proving particularly popular. The compact but characterful city itself is worth getting to know too, from the fading grandeur of its Victorian mansions and the narrow streets of the Zona Colonia to beach bonfire parties along the Malecón. However, Puerta Plata is also a great base from which to set off and discover the Dominican Republic's beautiful interior. You absolutely should do too, as you can enjoy stunning views from the top of Mount Isabel de Torres – take the cable car if you're feeling lazy – while a bit further out of Puerta Plata are the Río Damajagua waterfalls. Your best bet is to put your name down for a guided expedition up, down and through these waterfalls; after all, freshwater is just as refreshing as that in the sea!

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