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There's a supremely confident and self-assured air about Downtown Dubai, which is hardly surprising given that it's home to the world's tallest skyscraper, biggest shopping mall, and largest choreographed water fountain. The main event at least in terms of its dizzying size is the 240-story Burj Khalifa, but the Dubai Fountain outside is no less impressive. Jets of water pumped 50 stories into the air? Now that's what you call a water feature. The glitzy hotels are some of most unashamedly luxurious in the world, while the plethora of top-notch restaurants reflects the city's diverse population with their multi-regional culinary offerings.

The effect of Dubai's determination to go one better than the rest of the world is that the city is a fantastic spot for families. Try to look past the sheer scale of Downtown Dubai and actively experience it instead, whether by shopping in the Dubai Mall or hitting the slopes in its Ski Dubai Snow Park, chasing after your family members in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, or riding the heritage-style streetcars of the Dubai Trolley. Powered solely by hydrogen, even Downtown Dubai's streetcars are a world's first.

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