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The Dubai Marina is an elegant, decadent playground of pearly-white yachts, waterside restaurants, and glimmering skyscrapers. This high-rise heavy neighborhood features some of the world's tallest residential buildings, but the focal point of the Dubai Marina is the canal that cuts it in two. Jet skis buzz up and down, street performers entertain sun-kissed visitors returning from the beach, and sitting down for dinner with the sparkling water and equally sparkling skyscrapers as your view is one of the best experiences in Dubai. Foodies will enjoy Pier 7, although perhaps not those who aren't good at making up their mind; Pier 7 features 7 excellent, different restaurants on each of its 7 levels, with all of them providing panoramic views of the Dubai Marina and beyond. The pristine Marina Beach is where you want to go to dip your toes in the sea or just sit back with a good book and a cocktail, and while many of the hotels and resorts here sit comfortably at the top-end of the price scale, there are several very good mid-range hotels if you want to save some of those pennies for activities downtown.

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