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Essaouira – Photo Tip

Patience is a photographer's best friend

Photo by Susana Paiva

Essaouira – Photo Tip Patience is a photographer's best friend

Having worked as a theatre photographer for more than two decades it seems that I’ve developed a very specific love for working in an environment with very little light.

Susana Paiva
Susana Paiva

As a photographer, I am drawn to images with silhouettes that silently emerge from the available light. I was seduced by the atmosphere of Essaouira, its idyllic fishing port and historical fortresses.

The cool ocean breeze saved me from the unbearable heat I felt in Marrakech. For my type of photography, I use the first or last light of the day and I keep photographing until way into the night.

On my first morning I started before sunrise, when the city was still silent, and I found myself alone with a couple of workers who had been working all night on major repairs of the boats which were moored in the dock.

At first, I had the feeling that I was not very welcome so I decided to quietly hang around behind the grid watching the men working.

Only half an hour later, after some silently acquired complicity, I lifted my camera. Meanwhile the sun was rising, the colors came out, dark shadows appeared, and I was in my zone.

When I walked back into town, the port was getting busy and everything seemed to be right to start creating my essay on Essaouira’s daily life. I am so happy with how these images turned out.

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Photo by Kieran Meeke

Kieran Meeke

Kieran Meeke


240/10 mm

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