The Kohtuotsa viewing platform on the northern side of Toompea hill offers views over the Old Town as well as the contrasting newer part of the city. You can also see the port, the Pirita district and the Gulf of Finland beyond.
Tallinn – Photo Tip

When telling an urban story, include people

Photo by Lucas Vallecillos

Tallinn – Photo Tip When telling an urban story, include people

Starting photographers often make the mistake of telling an urban story where buildings are the stars, leaving out the inhabitants and consequently creating a set of images that lack soul.

Lucas Vallecillos
Lucas Vallecillos Travel Photographer

In a city like Tallinn, where the historic center has such overwhelming beauty, it is an easy mistake to leave the people out of your photos. But the presence of local people is essential for a sense of place. It is people who create the space we visit and give a particular lifestyle and culture to it. Photographing the citizens of a city is the best way to try and capture its essence. In addition, the inclusion of a human figure is always a way for the viewer to better interpret the scale of the image.

I found the best time to photograph people in Tallinn is at sunset. The streets really start to come alive from 4pm onwards, when they fill with shoppers and people leaving work, preparing for an evening out.

For good results, I have two basic rules. Do not take pictures of anyone who indicates they do not want to be photographed and do not be aggressive in any way. Be aware of the photographers who will come after you and that you want to leave people with a positive experience.

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