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Florence is quite simply one of the most beautiful and effortlessly romantic cities in the world. From the renowned churches and art galleries to the frescos and masterpieces that adorn their walls, nowhere else is the architectural and artistic prowess of the Renaissance more spectacularly on display. The likes of the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio, and the colorful Duomo need little introduction other than to say that the hype is well and truly deserved, but you can also enjoy Florence at its finest away from the crowded city center.

Yes, Florence is busy. Spend one hour admiring its beauty and you'll soon understand why. But wandering away from the crowded center can be just as rewarding. The Oltrarno is unhurried and utterly charming, with lively bars and artisan craftsmen selling their wares. Walk west to Santa Croce and you'll discover yet more Renaissance architecture, but also some of the best places to enjoy an unpretentious bowl of ribollita soup or Casseruola alla Fiorentina. Florence is quite rightly famous for its artistic and architectural masterpieces, but its neighborhoods are where you'll find the hidden treasures.

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Stories about Florence

Peek over the walls and you'll see the real Florence

Peek over the walls and you'll see the real Florence

“Rome is a whore,” says Giambaccio, a ploud Florence native. It has just gone midnight, and we have wandered through the moonstruck streets around Florence’s Piazza San Spirito for hours before winding up here: in a haphazardly cluttered art studio Giambaccio has modeled on a ship’s deck. “She opens her legs for everybody. But Florence...” He mimes chastity – the shutting of two knees – with his fingers. “We are a walled city. We are closed.”