Once called "Healthshire" due to its reputation as a health retreat, its name has since evolved into "Hellshire" though both pronunciations are technically correct.
Jamaica – Been There

Hellshire Beach, a generous slice of Sweet Jamaica

Photo by Pixabay

Jamaica – Been There Hellshire Beach, a generous slice of Sweet Jamaica

On my last day in Jamaica, I go to Hellshire Beach, popular with Kingstonians.

Kiki Deere
Kiki Deere Travel Writer

“It’s somewhere to cool off, down a Red Stripe or two, eat some fried fish, bammy and okra,” says writer Lindsay Johns. Hawkers walk up and down the soft, blemish-free sand, selling the latest ragga mix CD compilations. Families with picnic hampers lay out their blankets close to the water and little kids with scant coverings paddle noisily in the shallows. Large blocks of speakers stand on the beach itself, connected with a few cables to one of the bars serving food.

It is a defiantly joyous place. “It is one of one of my favorite Jamaican sights,” says Johns. “It has all the ingredients for perfect contentment: serenity, beauty, nature and human harmony, not to mention healthy, fresh food and uplifting, life-affirming music. This piece of Hellshire is truly balm for the soul.”

Serendipitously, Sweet Jamaica by Tony Rebel comes through the speakers and the beach vibrates with the chorus. “We love the food, the vibes and the culture.” Yes we do. “What a nice place fe live! Sweet Jam-down.” Yes, yes it is. “The only problem is: dollars nah run.” True, which is why being here spending what money I have makes me feel like I am in some small way helping. “You must admit this is a glorious land!” Yes, I must, because yes, it certainly is.

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