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Jerusalem is one of the world's oldest cities, a place of great significance to Jews, Christians and Muslims but also a veritable treasure trove for visitors eager to engage with its storied past. Pilgrims and holidaying visitors alike tend for the most part to head straight for the @old-city-2; so should you, too. With its encircling, 16th-century walls and a street plan that still roughly follows that laid down by the Byzantines, the combined effect of the neighborhood's history, architectural heritage, and spiritual relevance is captivating and really rather special. The street food stalls and takeaway restaurants dot the narrow streets and serve up dollops of hummus alongside tasty falafel wraps, and the smell is pretty good too. However, all that's great and interesting about Jerusalem is not contained solely to the centuries-old walls of the @old-city-2. The @new-city has modern hotels, museums, shopping centers and, along Ben-Yehuda Street, some of Jerusalem's most popular bars and nightclubs. The neighborhood of Emek Refaim is where you want to go for great coffee and cafe hopping.

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