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Built in the seventeenth-century for the city’s working class population, the cobblestoned neighborhood of the Jordaan sits just outside the Canal Ring. This is where you’ll really get a sense of what local Amsterdam life is like, losing yourself among the narrow streets. The neighborhood dates back to the 17th-century, built to house the city's burgeoning working-class population. Kitchen gardens were very common and the name is supposed to stem from 'jardin', which was what the neighborhood was referred to as by French immigrants. You'll find upwards of 40 intimate art galleries here, as well as some of the city’s oldest and most “gezellig” bars. You might hear these referred to as "brown cafes," so called because of their wood-panelling and the decades-old nicotine stains on the ceilings. De Jordaan boasts a couple of great little markets by way of the Lindenmarkt and Noordermaarkt, while the moving Anne Fran House sits at its eastern edge. By the way, “gezellig” is difficult to translate directly into English – but it’s something close to ‘cozy and convivial,’ and this sums up the neighborhood perfectly!

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7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

7 cliché activities in Amsterdam you will actually enjoy

Amsterdam is one of those cities that is drenched in clichés. I’ve overheard people saying that they thought Amsterdam was itself a country (Holland clearly isn’t interesting enough to benefit from word of mouth publicity), that the Dutch  all wear wooden shoes (imagine the pain!), that Amsterdam is  covered in tulips, and that literally everyone   smokes weed. All. Day. Long. I’m not here to smash your dreams into a thousand tiny pieces, but that’s plain bullcheese. On the other hand, some Amsterdam clichés are true and are definitely worth giving a try. They aren’t clichés for nothing, am I right?