Aerial view of Excalibur and New York New York on the  Las Vegas Strip. The rollercoaster dives around the ”New York” skyline but few riders take in the view when traveling at speeds in excess of 100km/hour and experiencing  a 180-degree spiral.
Las Vegas – Been There

Unusual occupation: Wine Angel in Vegas

Photo by Jon Arnold

Las Vegas – Been There Unusual occupation: Wine Angel in Vegas

The world's strangest profession? The Wine Angels of Vegas fly around on wires all day picking wine.

Jim Elliot
Jim Elliot

For the last few years, Vegas has been the foreclosure capital of the US. It’s easy to forget that it is a living, breathing city of real people who live suburban lives like in any other American city. Still, some of the jobs they do are a bit different, like the Wine Angels at the Mandalay Bay’s Aureole Hotel.

There aren’t many places where the ability to operate an electronic tablet and a winch at the same time are considered a commodity. But if you want to be a “Wine Angel” and scale the 15-meter central skyscraper packed with 10,000 bottles of fine wine at the Mandalay Bay’s Aureole Hotel, that’s exactly what you have to do. “It’s pretty simple,” says Eboni Lomax, one of the Angels, as she shows me the ‘ropes’.

“The order comes in to us on a print-out which tells you where the bottle is, then you have directional buttons to move you around the tower to find it.” Then she zips away, looking like an extra from Mission: Impossible as the winch takes her to the top of the tower.

What she doesn’t say is that you also need some athletic grace and dexterity: hitting a bottle with your feet or dropping one from on high does not bear thinking about when a top-class vintage costs $10,000 or more. Does she have a head for heights? “I was scared when I saw the tower for the first time but now I think it’s an ideal job: I get to fly all night,” she says. “At least, it’s a dream job for now…”

And her real dream? “To become an accountant – an amazing accountant.”

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