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Don't let the name fool you: Prague's Lesser Town (or Malá Strana) is charming, atmospheric and unhurried, only taking its name from the fact that it was once considered to be the smaller 'half' of the city. Nestled between the Vltava and the slopes of Prague Castle, with the Old Town just a short walk across the river via Charles Bridge, this is a neighborhood for those who want to experience the magic of staying in central in Prague but away from the worst of the crowds. Lesser Town is rich with baroque architecture and authentic neighborhood haunts, particularly around Lesser Town Square: lantern-lit streets, pubs with centuries-old cellars and old churches are just a flavor of what you can expect to find.

Make time to check out some of Lesser Town's plush gardens, too. Many embassies have holed up in the neighborhood's palaces and buildings, so the majority of the gardens are closed to the public, but a few remain open – including those of Wallenstein and Vrtba. Have a nose around St. Nicholas Cathedral afterward and see if you can catch a concert. The organ was once played by none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – few organs, churches and, indeed, neighborhoods can boast such musical pedigree.

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