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Westminster / Green Park

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Westminster is the heart of British politics, home to both 10 Downing Street and the Palace of Westminster. If touring parliament doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, treat yourself to afternoon tea at the Terrace Pavilion instead. To hear as well as see the quintessential London experiences, head to nearby Embankment tube station – this is the place where you can still hear the original ‘Mind the Gap’ recording. Actor Oswald Laurence recorded the original version in the 1960s, but most stations were using newer recordings by the time he passed away in 2007. Embankment was the last to use his recording, but when they too replaced Laurence’s version, his wife got in much with Transport for London and asked them to reconsider because she missed the sound of his voice. Transport for London was happy to comply, so to hear those iconic 3 words in their original form, listen carefully at Embankment. To get away from the politics and The Tube for a while, take a stroll around leafy Green Park: popular with workers on their lunch break and picnicking visitors alike.

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