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Gritty and alternative, trendy and atmospheric – the traditionally working class neighborhood of Lower East Side (LES) has clung onto its humble roots where many others have all but given themselves over to gentrification. The National Trust for Historic Preservation added LES to its list of America’s Most Endangered Places in 2008, with trendy hotels, retailers and bars quickly taking the place of the old-fashioned eateries and bargain stores for which the neighborhood was once famous. Regardless of whether you think that’s a good or a bad thing, there’s clearly no time like the present to visit Lower East Side. This is without doubt one of New York’s most vibrant and energetic neighborhoods, particularly at night when New Yorkers descend on its hip nightclubs and cocktail joints. Soak up the alcohol on the way home with a corn beef or pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen – considered to be one of the best in the city.

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