8th Street Wine Cellar,  28 West 8th Street, Manhattan
New York - Travel Tips

5 places you must eat in NYC

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New York - Travel Tips 5 places you must eat in NYC

New York has something for everyone: but not everybody has good taste.

Alicia Butler
Alicia Butler

Here are my pick of the places you must eat in in NYC. You'll love each of them. Guaranteed.

8th Street Wine Cellar

Dear lord, do I love 8th Street Wine Cellar (pictured above).

They have one of the best happy hours in Manhattan. You can get a bottle of (good!) wine for only $21 or a glass for $6.

Outside of happy hour, they carry bottles from some amazing vineyards.

North Dumpling


North Dumpling, Essex Street, Manhattan Photo by Website / newyorktimes.com




North Dumpling, Essex Street, Manhattan

These are the best dumplings in New York City. Period. Two words: go there.


Gottlieb's, Brooklyn

Gottlieb's, 352 Roebling Sreett, Brooklyn Photo by Website / eater.com




Gottlieb's, 352 Roebling Sreett, Brooklyn

My favorite knish in New York City can be found at Gottleib's in Williamsburg.

This Hasidic diner has some serious kosher comfort food. The men who work behind the counter are super kind. If you happen to be from London, make sure to tell the guys working. One of the shopkeepers is originally from the UK and absolutely loves talking about his home (that he left in the 1960s).

Get the plain potato knish. I know what you're thinking: I want the pastrami knish. Who's ever heard of a pastrami knish before? Why can't I try that?

Just. No. The plain potato is where it's at. The mashed potato inside is smooth and creamy and cradled in a flaky croissant-like pastry that's sprinkled with sesame seeds.

One of these bad boys will set you back about $3.50.

Bleecker Street Pizza


Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Avenue South, Manhattan Photo by Website / thepizzasnob.wordpress.com




9300/1000 mm

Bleecker Street Pizza, 69 7th Avenue South, Manhattan

My favorite pizza in Manhattan is Bleecker Street Pizza. Originally opened by a retired New York City cop looking for a second chapter in his life, Bleecker Street is a neighborhood (and city) favorite.

You've gotta get the Nonna Maria slice if you come here.

The dough is dusted with high-end herbs, spices, and parmigiano reggiano cheese to ensure the toppings don't seep into the crust. They spread a layer of chunky, garlicky marinara on the crust. Then they top it with parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella, fresh basil, and a heavy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

This is their signature slice, and it was the owner's grandmother's recipe (hence the name). Nonna made this pie every week for Sunday supper.

As told to me by the owner, Doug, the family would say every single Sunday, "Man, if we only marketed Nonna's pizza, we'd for sure make a million dollars."

I think they've made at least $1 million. The restaurant's pizza is given the "Best Pizza" award by the Food Network almost every year.

P.J. Clarke's


PJ Clarke's, 915 Third Avenue, Manhattan Photo by Website / pjclarkes.com




PJ Clarke's, 915 Third Avenue, Manhattan

Some New Yorkers would consider me a little loopy for saying that P.J. Clarke's is one of my happy places, as the restaurant has become somewhat of a local chain.

But there's just something warm, inviting, and old-school about this place that I just can't get enough of.

Originally opened in the late 1800s, P.J. Clarke's is known for its meat-and-potato fare. Its dark bar is the perfect place to warm up in the winter.

One of the newer locations has a great outdoor seating area with awesome views of the Statue of Liberty in the summer. I can't let the entire month of December pass me by without visiting at least once. Or July, or September...

They serve prosecco in fancy (large!) champagne glasses. There's a tater tot tower. Tater. Tot. Tower.

The crab cakes are ginormous, and the martinis are strong. They even have a few salads on the menu that are anything but healthy.

Basically, it's my kind of place.


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