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The revolutionary history of the United States is nowhere more proudly and prominently on display than in Boston, from Paul Revere House and Faneuil Hall to the Old South Meeting House and Boston Common. Pick up a map from the visitor center on Boston Common (the oldest park in the United States) and follow the red-brick 'Freedom Trail' to see these and other nationally-important landmarks, many of which are free to see and enter, too. Boston's present is every bit as interesting and exciting as its past, however. Check out the upscale restaurants in the industrial-chic Seaport District, the theaters and nightclubs vying for elbow room in the gap between Chinatown and Boston Common, and the lip-smackingly good cannolis from the Italian pastry stores in the North End, and you'll soon find that out for yourself. Sports fans are well catered for, as well: the Celtics (basketball), the Bruins (ice hockey) and the Red Sox (baseball) are some of the country's most successful and fanatically supported teams. Not a sports fan? Not a problem. Embark on a student-led tour of Harvard, visit the stunning Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, settle in for a bowl of steaming hot clam chowdah (chowder, if you’re not from Boston) – or do all three.

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