A Parisian waiter holds a bag of freshly baked baguettes.
Paris – Been There

People-watching in Paris? Priceless

Photo by Catherine Karnow

Paris – Been There People-watching in Paris? Priceless

A Paris afternoon. An eccentric-looking woman is walking her equally eccentric dog, a wire-haired dachshund. “No, no!” she scolds, shoving it off the pavement with her high-heeled foot. “We do that in the gutter.”

Kieran Meeke
Kieran Meeke Travel Writer

From a small café an old man in a beret is watching the scene unfold. With a routine motion he tops up his Ricard with water. An orthodox jew with black beard and hat leaves a boulangerie with three baguettes under his arm, transforming the narrow city street into a rural scene for a moment with the smell of freshly baked bread. Crossing the road, he is nearly knocked over by a roller-skating boy with short blond hair.

At the corner, a young couple in love are intimately intertwined, marveling at the menu outside a Michelin-starred restaurant. The food is too expensive for them but looking costs nothing. The chef leans against a doorpost nearby, talking into his mobile phone. He gives them a quick, sympathetic look that says a thousand words.

“Will you take a picture of us, please?” A young Parisian looks at the tourists, two attractive blondes, who bathe him in a radiant smile from the terrace where they have just ordered lunch. “But of course,” he says taking their camera with a blush.

Paris. Why do I love it as much as I do, why do all these cliched images seem so fresh every time?

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