A Parisian waiter holds a bag of freshly baked baguettes.
Paris - Travel Tips

What to eat in Paris - and where

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Paris - Travel Tips What to eat in Paris - and where

Paris is a food heaven – but if you don't know where to go it quickly turns into hell. I've picked out my top spots, plus what to eat when you're there, to help you navigate the labyrinthine Paris streets.

Rick Beitman
Rick Beitman

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Cave La Bourgogne

Located on la Rue Mouffetard, the oldest street in Paris, Cave La Bourgogne is dark (particularly at night, as it is open late) and has an intimate atmosphere.

Cave La Bourgogne serves excellent, traditional French fare  and prices are reasonable. It is a well-rounded and very typical, local dining experience.

Try: The duck confit. But anything here is great to try: it's a typical bistro experience,

Café Marijan

Near the Les Gobelins metro stop, Café Marijan is ideal if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a bite and cup of coffee.

Whether seated outside along the street or indoors, the atmosphere has the authentic feel of a Parisian café.

Try: For a truly Parisian experience, it has to be un cafe crème.

La Taverne de Cluny

Near the Hôtel de Cluny and the Cluny La Sorbonne metro stop is a classy venue: MONK - La Taverne de Cluny.

A relaxed environment, the tavern offers atmosphere and classic French fare. Frequented by university students and other locals.

Try: If you're considering trying escargots on your trip, this is the place to do it.

Boulangerie Rainette

Also near Les Gobelins metro stop, the Boulangerie Rainette serves fresh pastries, bread, and desserts daily. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Try: The chocolate eclair or a flaky mille-feuille (which is French for "thousand layers") are highly recommended. And it'd be a mistake to leave without a baguette for later!


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