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Founded by the Bohemian King Charles IV all the way back in 1348, New Town is clearly not very new at all. The neighborhood is only named such because it's newer than nearby Old Town, and while most of the original buildings have long since vanished, their gothic and baroque replacements are no less impressive. Wenceslas Square is easily the most popular attraction with visitors to New Town, particularly at night as the neighborhood is well known for its busy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. While these cater mostly to a tourist crowd, there is a lot more to see on the square, including a couple of big, popular bookshops, the grand National Museum, and the Statue of Saint Wenceslas himself.

As busy as Wenceslas Square is, New Town is the largest of Prague's central neighborhoods, and so you've got plenty of space and time to watch neighborhood life play out and discover the area's most authentic side. The hotels are larger and more modern, too, and there's always plenty of activity in and around Charles Square – the largest of its kind in Prague. To take a tactical time out for a few minutes, join the students of Charles University and have a sit down in the Botanical Garden.

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