The construction of the Charles Bridge began in 1357 to replace the Judith Bridge which swept away during a flood in 1342, having stood since 1170. The former bridge has lower arches, which clogged with debris such as trees, but the Charles Bridge, although higher, has also suffered extensively from flooding through the centuries.
Prague - Travel Tips

These are the 5 best restaurants in Prague

Photo by Luis Dafos

Prague - Travel Tips These are the 5 best restaurants in Prague

Damianne President has been living in Prague for the last four years, so we asked for her top tips for restaurants and cafés in the city.


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Restaurace U Veverky

Serves traditional Czech food and is popular for drinks as well. The food here comes in very generous portions. It's especially good for pork, and also bramboracky: that is, potato pancakes.

Restaurace U Veverky is perfect for travelers with explorer's hearts: the restaurant is away from Prague's main tourist sites.

It's still easy to access by tram, bus or metro. It's on the green metro line, which connects to stops in Prague's districts 1 and 2 in the center of town.

Prices are reasonable - always a good thing - and the restaurant can get nice and busy as well, so has a good atmosphere. You might want to reserve.

U Emy Destinnove

Inside the house where the iconic Czech opera singer Emmy Destinn was born. You can enjoy live piano music during dinner on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

The dishes are inspired by both American and European cuisines.

Chef Steven Trumpfheller is an expert in sourcing fresh fish and he prepares it perfectly: you can also enjoy excellently cooked pasta and meat, and homemade desserts.

U Emy Destinnove is great for a celebration or special dinner.

Momoichi Coffetearia

Coffee with a Japanese twist. Momoichi Coffetearia aims to extend Japanese hospitality to the streets of Prague.

The menu is small but diverse, with a variety of cuisines: for example, Sudanese hibiscus tea and okonomiyaki (a Japanese cabbage omelet).

You can also enjoy dishes from Malaysia, Lebanon, and Singapore, and there a variety of cakes.

Café Louvre

This café is an institution in Prague, which was first opened in 1902, and has been frequented by the likes of Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein.

It's a superb option for breakfast, which begins at 8 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.

The menu offers several Czech specialties, as well as international dishes.

The main menu is available in English but not the daily menu - which has a lot of the best dishes on it - so ask the server to summarise the daily menu for you.

The café serves afternoon tea from 4 pm to 6 pm, with black tea, sandwiches, pastry, and desserts.

Café Savoy

This cafe, which specializes in Czech cuisine, has a beautiful interior and is always full.  Make a reservation.

Though prices at Café Savoy are a little high, it's worth it for the ambiance. Come for breakfast; stay for the atmosphere.


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