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Those traveling to Shanghai with shopping at the forefront of their minds will warm very quickly to Jing'an. There are enough stores on Nanjing Road to keep eager shoppers busy for days, as will the fashion boutiques and high-end restaurants in the Kerry Center. However, there's more to Jing'an than shopping – much more, in fact. The best place to start is Jing'an Temple, from which the neighborhood takes its name. This traditional Chinese Buddhist temple has undergone multiple restorations and reincarnations over the years, but it has a history that goes all the way back to the third-century. Its golden dome is particularly striking. Then there's Jing'an Park, a popular spot for couples out taking a stroll, and the Jing'an Sculpture Park; local parents love bringing their kids here, and on a rainy day head to the Shanghai Natural History Museum that sits at its center. The Bund is to the east of Jing'an, the French Concession to the southwest, but the neighborhood of Changning sits to the northwest and is well worth checking out as well. You'll find more modest, down-to-earth-type restaurants and bars in Changning, which has proven popular with backpackers taking advantage of cheaper accommodation options.

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