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Xintiandi / City Center

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Locals and visitors alike love Xintiandi, and it's incredibly easy to understand why. Rebuilt and restored by way of an extensive renovation process completed in 2002, this small, pleasant, fun-loving neighborhood is a celebration of Shanghai's past and present. The highlights are the buildings themselves; once crumbling and at the point of falling into disrepair, the traditional 'shikumen' (stone gate) houses are now enjoying a new lease of life as apartments, cafes, restaurants, bars, boutique stores, and art spaces. Popular with sightseers, cafe-dwellers, and people watchers during the day, Xintiandi is one of the best spots in Shanghai for nighttime entertainment too; the bars and restaurants sit contentedly at the swanky end of the swanky scale, and are plenty enough in number for you to enjoy a night out or two during your stay. To engage more with Xintiandi's past – and, indeed, that of Shanghai and @china-peoples-republic-of[China] more broadly – pay a visit to the Museum of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The Communist Party of China was established in this building, now a museum, in 1921, with none other than Mao Zedong in attendance.

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