A woman watches from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck for the start of the spectacular laser show that begins every night at 8pm. The show lasts 13 minutes and combines lasers, video projectors and giant water screens.
Singapore – Been There

The highest outdoor rooftop bar in the world

Photo by Edwin A. Franken

Singapore – Been There The highest outdoor rooftop bar in the world

On my last night in Singapore, I head deep into the city and catch an elevator 61 floors up to 1-Altitude, billed as the planet’s highest outdoor rooftop bar.

Ben Lerwill
Ben Lerwill Travel Writer

The view catches the breath. All the lights and buildings of the city are laid below, from the red-brick edifices of the colonial era to the shiny façade of the banking towers. Dance music is throbbing in my ears – the busy bar epitomizes the glossy-magazine face of modern Singapore, with its snappily-dressed young socialites and on-trend drinks list. There’s a good time being had.

It is an atmospheric place to be, and I am torn between people watching and looking out at the view. The latter wins. I stare out at the river, wondering how far down the noise from the speakers travels, when a series of dark shapes flit by in the sky. They are very near. Initially, I think I have imagined them, then they appear again, diving back on themselves. Bats. We are at a height of more than 280 meters, with the CBD directly below us, and the sky around the tower is alive with bats. It is apt, really.

Even all the way up here, Singapore keeps the little surprises coming.

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