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5 ways to spend the commission you’ll earn as your own Travel Agent

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TRVL News 5 ways to spend the commission you’ll earn as your own Travel Agent

We all love to travel. More than that, we all love to help the people we know and love enjoy amazing traveling experiences too. If only there was a way to earn some serious pocket money while dishing out those all-important travel tips... Wait a minute, there is.

James Hiam
James Hiam Editor

TRVL is a travel agent hotel booking platform where you'll earn a commission on 2 million hotels from 5 major brands and get access to industry deals. For free. It enables you to act as your own Travel Agent and share hotel tips with friends, family members, and anyone else that happens to ask for help. For each booking you make you'll earn a commission. Simple!

You can spend the commission you earn as your own Travel Agent however you want, of course, but you might fancy reinvesting it right back into travel. Why not indeed? Here are 5 ways to do exactly that...

Save it up

The more disciplined of you might want to save up your earned commissions rather than spend them right away. That way, you can look forward to adding a few commissions together and eventually enjoying what would feel like a 'free' night in a hotel. Forgot to budget for Valentine’s Day? Want to get away to the country to work on that long-neglected novel? Your earned commission will be waiting for you.

Fund your travels on-the-go

If you're about to embark on the kind of life-changing, life-affirming adventure that’ll make everyone back home jealous for pretty much the rest of their lives, you should sign up for TRVL first. You can share the hotels you stay in with friends, family members, or other random travelers who might be following a similar route, and then spend your commission as you earn it, whether that’s on transport, meals, hotels or whatever else it might be. You can do this on shorter trips too, of course: but just remember that you won't get your commission until after the person you've helped has been on their trip.

Give your commission to someone else to use on their travels

You might not want to spend the commission on yourself, of course. If you’re booking something for a close friend or members of your family, you might feel more comfortable giving it to them to spend on themselves. You won’t receive your commission until shortly after whoever you've helped has returned from their trip, but you can transfer it to them afterward, and they can put it towards their next trip. Alternatively, they could buy you a drink to say thanks!

Buy a guidebook

So, you've inspired someone else with your travel tips. Now, how about spending your commission on something to inspire little old you? While we do a lot of our holiday research on the internet these days, sometimes all you want is a book to hold in your hand and read instead. So, once your commission has landed in your bank account, head out to your nearest bookstore and pick up a travel guide, travel writing compilation, or whatever it is that might tickle your fancy, and get inspired!

Activities while you’re away

Imagine you’re on holiday already. As you sit in your hotel room pondering what to do that day, you check your email just to see if there’s anything important that needs your attention. Maybe there is, but never mind that – you’ve received a notification from TRVL telling you that you’ve been paid a commission! Thought entrance to the Van Gogh Museum was too expensive? Wasn’t sure if the view from the Top of the Rock would be worth it? That’s irrelevant now – you’ve got a few extra bucks, quid, or euros to put towards a fantastic activity right where you already are.

There you have it: 5 of the many ways to spend commissions earned as your own Travel Agent.

Sign up for TRVL for free and start earning a commission on 2 million hotels from 5 major brands and get access to industry deals. For free. Sign up with this link and you'll also get $20 cash on your first booking.

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