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6 budget hotels too good to be called 'budget'

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TRVL News 6 budget hotels too good to be called 'budget'

Last time out, we brought you our pick of seven of the very best, most unique hotels bookable on TRVL. They all had a certain special something that just made them, well, special. However, splendor and prestige do tend to come at a cost, and so we thought it was about time to feature some great budget hotels that you can book on TRVL.

James Hiam
James Hiam Editor

Too often, we think of a budget hotel, hostel or other accommodation as something that sacrifices quality in order to arrive at a lower room rate. These types of hotels and hostels do exist, of course, and they serve a very important purpose; some of our best traveling stories have been forged in a dusty, run-down hostel stuck out in the middle of nowhere. However, there are also loads of great hotels and hostels that are 'budget' only in the sense of how much you need to spend on them. You might not arrive to find a chandelier dangling from the ceiling, but budget hotels can be just as quirky, comfortable and smartly-designed as their more expensive counterparts and can be found in some of the world's greatest, most exciting cities.

When we set about handpicking the best hotels for the platform, we spent as much time researching these budget accommodations as we did on looking for the shiny, glamorous ones. Naturally, we all have a different idea of what constitutes 'budget,' but we hope there's something in our list of 6 of the best budget hotels and hostels to tickle everyone's fancy. And, of course, they can all be booked on TRVL!

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Berlin is proud of its hipster credentials, and staying somewhere suitably trendy when visiting is only to be encouraged. You can do so very affordably in Berlin, too, and the independent Michelberger Hotel scores very highly on the trendy scale. The hotel is situated in the uber-cool Kreuzberg district, and the rooms are bright, playful and make intelligent use of space. They even distil their own spirits (Michelberger Forest and Michelberger Mountain), which you can sample in the hotel's organic restaurant. Book three nights in a Cosy Room for two people from $340.25, and you'll earn back approx. $20.90 in commission.* Or, recommend the hotel to someone else using TRVL – they'll pay the same, and you'll still earn your commission.

Bunka Hostel, Tokyo

Smart, modern and free of any frills or distractions, staying at the Bunka Hostel when visiting Tokyo makes a great deal of sense. Why? Because all the frills and distractions are out there in the city, waiting to be seen, heard and sampled. There are a lot of them, too; Tokyo fizzes with energy from dawn until dusk and then dusk until dawn, so a comfortable bunk bed in a mixed dorm at the Bunka Hostel is all you really need. Trade some tips with fellow travelers in the bar, cafe or communal kitchen, and you're all set to tackle Tokyo. Rates start from $194.20 for 2 single bunk beds in a mixed dorm. Book for yourself or recommend it to another traveler, and you'll earn approx. $7.44 in commission!*

Generator Hostel, Paris

Paris is historic, inspiring and often quite expensive, but there are several great little hotels and hostels with much less intimidating price tags than their grander counterparts. The excellent Generator Hostel is one such accommodation, situated just outside the main city center in the city's 10th arrondissement. From just $300.48, you can book a 3-night stay in a private twin room and earn back around $21.92 in commission, either for yourself and your better half or best friend, or as an agent for other travelers.* The rooms are clean-cut, pleasant and spacious, much like the rest of the building, and you can stroll to the heart of the Marais in around 30 minutes. C'est bon!

Casa Gracia, Barcelona

There is perhaps no more celebrated city-architect relationship than that between Barcelona and Antoni Gaudí. Spend a few nights at Casa Gracia and you'll be within one mile of three of the visionary architect's most famous creations: Casa Mila, Casa Batllo and, of course, the Sagrada Familia. Comfortable, private double rooms, a laid-back restaurant and bar, cool hang-out areas to meet other travelers – Casa Gracia ticks all the right boxes, including that all-important 'budget' one. Two people can book a three-night stay in a double room from $255.71, and you'll pocket approx. $14.71 in commission regardless of whether you book for yourself or create the trip for other travelers.*

San Telmo Luxury Apartments, Buenos Aires

San Telmo is one of the oldest, most characterful neighborhoods in all of Buenos Aires, complete with street markets, cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings. 'That all sounds very expensive,' we hear you sigh. Far from it – stay at San Telmo Luxury Apartments and you can book a three-night stay for two people in a Junior Suite from just $314.60. You'll earn back around $20.53 in commission, too, regardless of whether you're the traveler or are simply helping to book something for someone else.* You even get breakfast thrown in for good measure. Charming neighborhood, boutique accommodation and a great rate: the recipe for a great getaway if ever there was one.


San Telmo Luxury Suites, Buenos Aires Photo by Martine van den Boomen

Martine van den Boomen

Martine van den Boomen

San Telmo Luxury Suites, Buenos Aires

Hotel Villa San Lorenzo Maria, Rome

There are well over 4,000 hotels in Rome – 4,000! We combed through quite a lot of these (perhaps not all, as there are only so many days in the year), and the Hotel Villa San Lorenzo Maria grabbed our attention with its impressive ratings and great rates. The cost of two people spending three nights in a standard double or twin room here starts from only $260.30, of which you can earn back approx. $19.00 as a self-booker or TRVL agent.* Esquilino – the neighborhood – is perfectly pleasant and not too crowded, either, with good transport links to the historic center. But then, you could hardly expect anything less from the city to which all roads lead.

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Hotel Villa San Lorenzo Maria, Rome Photo by Martine van den Boomen

Martine van den Boomen

Martine van den Boomen

Hotel Villa San Lorenzo Maria, Rome

You can book all of these hotels right now by clicking here and logging into your TRVL agent account. Don't have access yet? Drop us an email instead and we'll get you set up with an account as soon as possible!

*Please note that while all prices and commissions were accurate at the time of publication (November 25th, 2016), these are liable to change over time. The above rates, therefore, should be treated as indications only. All rates were calculated on the basis of two adults booking a three-night stay between March 9th and March 12th, 2017.

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