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6 ways to thrive as a TRVL agent

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TRVL News 6 ways to thrive as a TRVL agent

As a TRVL agent creating tailor-made trips for other people, you’ll be plunging into the wonderful world of traveler-to-traveler bookings.

Joan de Haart
Joan de Haart

The online travel business is as dynamic as it is competitive, of course, and sometimes can seem a bit difficult to navigate – especially when you’re new to it and are trying to cater to a large number of travelers you don’t know personally. So, to help you along – here are 6 ways to thrive as a TRVL agent!

Stand out from the do-it-yourself, self-service online travel providers by offering your travelers a much more personalized service. Think about recommendations, tips and tricks, or a welcome home email when you know they’ll be back from their trip. Adding a personal touch always strikes the right chord!

Know who you’re catering to

The market you’re in can be segmented into two traveler types: those with more money than time, and those with more time than money. Agents can only compete for the former segment’s business. For travelers with more money than time, your expertise as an agent and your ability to handle every aspect of the trip can really enrich their experience and make all the difference.

Be responsive and reachable

As a TRVL agent, proving yourself to be very responsive – whether it be through email, chat or social media – is important, especially if your traveler has a question or an issue they need help with.

Try to manage your time

Once you’ve got the hang of using our platform and have started customizing trips for travelers on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to measure how long it takes you to create itineraries. Knowing this will help you plan ahead, manage your traveler’s expectations and – if necessary – be more efficient.

Mind your writing

Good writing is a sales skill that helps build trust with clients. As a TRVL agent, you’ll most likely be using the chat function a lot to communicate with your travelers, as well as to exchange regular emails with them. Well-written, clear-worded messages will certainly give you an edge – don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!

Be a lifelong student of change

The online travel industry has changed tremendously in recent years and the pace of change will only accelerate. With TRVL you will adopt a great new way of helping travelers find and book exactly what they want, the way they want it. Embracing the traveler-to-traveler concept is a great move with the times. When it comes to 'your' destinations, keep sharpening your local expertise and stay on top of what’s hot and happening there. Cool new places to stay and go? Festival around the corner? You’re in the know. Keep on learning and trying new things!

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