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Why become a TRVL Agent? Because you love travel!

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TRVL Agents Why become a TRVL Agent? Because you love travel!

You love to travel. How do we know? Because you’re reading this post! You’re not alone, of course: we all love to travel, whether it’s driving ten minutes down the road to explore a nearby town or hopping on a long-haul flight to the other side of the world.

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The first place that many of us turn when planning our next great trip is our network: friends, family members, colleagues. If you know they’ve been to wherever it is you fancy visiting, you talk to them to find out which hotel to stay in, what neighborhood to explore, and so on. Right? They might know you like the back of their hand, or they might only have spoken to you a few times at the water cooler; either way, they’re in a unique position to help you figure out where to stay based on the fact that they already know a lot, or even just a little, about you and your interests.

This works both ways, of course. When those same friends, family members, and other people in your network plan trips of their own, you might be the one they come to looking for tips on where to stay. Naturally, you’re more than happy to help: you want to tell them about that boutique hotel you spent the night in when visiting Amsterdam, or that incredible beach resort in the Dominican Republic. You want the people you love, like, and/or work with to enjoy the same travel experiences that you were fortunate enough to enjoy.

We all love to travel; we all love to help other people travel. But where does becoming a TRVL Agent fit into that equation?

Well, as a TRVL Agent, you can share links to hotels that you know the people in your network will just love. You might have stayed in these hotels yourself, or you may have heard great things about them from other people you encountered on your travels. You recommend hotels based on what you know about your friends, family, and other contacts, and they get to stay in a hotel that’s been handpicked for them by someone they know. What’s not to like?

There’s more in it for you as the TRVL Agent, however. For every booking that is made via one of your recommendations, you’ll earn a commission on that booking. Recommend the The Roxy Hotel Tribeca to a friend visiting New York City for five nights, for instance, and you’ll pocket $105. Your friend won’t pay any more than they would do normally and get a personal hotel recommendation, while you earn money that you can put towards your next trip.

It’s free to become a TRVL Agent and only takes a few taps or clicks. Sign up today!

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