Oslo,the old railway building at the harbour where the Tourist Office is situated today
Oslo - Travel Tips

Where to stay in Oslo

Photo by Jochem Wijnands

Oslo - Travel Tips Where to stay in Oslo

Looking for hotels in Oslo? Look no further.

Hong Phuc Ho Chung
Hong Phuc Ho Chung

As an Oslo local, I know where to put people up. If you're visiting our wonderful city, these are three of the best places you can possibly stay.

Grand Hotel Oslo


Inside the Grand. Photo by hotel



Inside the Grand.

Centrally situated in Oslo, Grand Hotel has been host to the people of Norway, international guests, world leaders, celebrities, and Nobel Peace Prize laureates, as well as countless glamorous events for almost two centuries.

The beautiful venue has recently undergone renovation and offers a truly luxurious stay - from the rooftop bar to the Artesia Spa Grand Hotel.

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Hotel Christiania Teater

A deluxe roome_room11

A deluxe room at Hotel Christiania Theater. Photo by hotel



A deluxe room at Hotel Christiania Theater.

Right across from Nationaltheatret is Hotel Christiania Teater, a historic building where you can still see traces of the German occupation of Norway. It was here that the Norwegian opera icon Kirsten Flagstad made her debut.

From here, you can easily walk to Rådhuset (The City Hall), Stortinget (The Parliament), Aker Brygge (restaurant and shopping district), and the Royal Palace.

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The Thief


A room at The Thief. Photo by hotel



A room at The Thief.

If you want a modern, secluded getaway in the heart of Oslo, The Thief is the place to go.

Located in Tjuvholmen, you can stay solely at the hotel (with its own spa, bar, and restaurant), unwind, and enjoy the view of the fjord from the balcony of your hotel suite; or stroll across the bridge to the Aker Brygge restaurant and shopping area.

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