Prussia’s King Friedrich Wilhelm II commissioned the Brandenburg Gate, topped by the winged goddess of victory and her four-horse chariot, as a symbol of peace in 1790. The Quadriga on top, depicting the Roman goddess of victory, was stolen by Napoleon when he defeated Prussia in 1806 but returned after his final defeat in 1814.
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Blogging Berlin lover ready to embrace TRVL

Photo by Lucas Vallecillos

TRVL Press Blogging Berlin lover ready to embrace TRVL

Our ever-growing community of enthusiastic users has gone to spreading the word. Job van Hardeveld, Berlin resident, avid traveler and curator of respected blog Berlin-Enjoy, wrote a nice little piece on us.

Nils von der Assen
Nils von der Assen Editor

“If it would be possible,” Jos starts voicing the dilemma of many a traveler, “we would travel all year long and just discover new places as much as possible. But for this you will need two things: Money and Time. It is a hard decision for most of us: Do I prefer having lots of time and not so much cash or do I want to work a fulltime job and really enjoy the trips I make to the maximum?”

Peer-to-peer recommendations are the future, Jos asserts: “If you are traveling somewhere or choosing where you want to stay, you believe your friends and family more than anybody else, right? This is exactly the philosophy of TRVL. Their traveler-to-traveler platform leans on the principle of believing the experiences of others more than the marketing-language of the hotels and destinations themselves.”

It’s easy-peasy to create your own website through the platform and set up shop as a TRVL Agent. Jos did it for Berlin-Enjoy, too, and picked out some of his favorite hostels in his city. Go check it out if you’re up for some real fine recommendations!

Want to set up your own TRVL Agent website, just like Jos? Go for it!

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