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Bloomberg: "Startup wants to transform travel enthusiasts into online travel agents"

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TRVL News Bloomberg: "Startup wants to transform travel enthusiasts into online travel agents"

Following a string of other media outlets, Bloomberg has picked up on TRVL's successful launch and our mission to make travel better for everyone. Gerrit De Vynck: "TRVL seeks to cut through consumer clutter with personal touch."

Nils von der Assen
Nils von der Assen Editor

De Vynck asserts that TRVL "essentially gives anyone access to the tools usually available only to professional travel agents. Users can make their own TRVL sites and earn commissions of about $30 to $40 per hotel booked. It’s aimed, for now, at travel bloggers who have a lot of followers but few ways to make money from them, or people planning trips for groups of friends or family reunions."

Bloomberg points out that the (online) travel industry is a crowded and competitive one, but that the necessity of new, innovative concepts is crystal clear. If well-executed, as by Airbnb for instance, these new approaches can leave a hugely rewarding, lasting impact on how millions of people book their trips.

"TRVL", Bloomberg notes, "wants to reward people for helping others book their travel by cutting them in on the commission hotels pay to websites that bring them customers -- a business dominated by Expedia Inc. and Priceline Group Inc. The traveler doesn’t pay anything extra, so the service is free. Wijnands foresees an Uber or Airbnb-like marketplace in which hundreds of thousands of regular people make money by spending part of their time acting as online travel agents."

TRVL founder Jochem Wijnands was quoted saying that “The next thing should be tapping into the community of travelers to make travel better. We really believe this will become relevant for millions of people.’’

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