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Where can I find flights and activities?

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TRVL News Where can I find flights and activities?

You may have looked at the platform recently, clicked “For me,” and wondered, “Where are the flights and activities?!” Don’t worry, we still have them!

Michaela Immar
Michaela Immar

Recently, we changed the way that trips are made on the platform. Now you have the choice of two buttons: “For me” and “For others.” With the “For me” button you can, as you may have guessed, create a trip for yourself. However, you can only search for and book hotels. Why? Well, we wanted to make it even simpler to get right to the point and book a hotel for yourself. This path also makes it easier to change dates and party size at different stages of the hotel search process.

Don’t be afraid, however. We haven’t removed the ability to book flights and activities. If you click “For others,” you can find flights, hotels, and activities. You can use this path to make a complete trip for a traveler, or you can tick the “I am the traveler” box and find flights, hotels, and activities for yourself. That’s right – while it might not be obvious from the text, it’s also possible to use this button for yourself!

Let’s review. “For me” is a simple way to book just hotels for yourself. “For others” is a way to create a full trip for someone else or even yourself with flights, hotels, and activities. Basically, on TRVL you can do it all, but we’ve also made it easier if you want to do just one thing. Check out the screenshot gallery below to see it in visual form!

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