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Getting married? TRVL will pay for the band!

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TRVL Agents Getting married? TRVL will pay for the band!

Destination weddings give happy couples and their guests an amazing opportunity to celebrate in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Wouldn’t you prefer a hotel chosen by a real person instead of an anonymous web search? TRVL turns travelers into TRVL Agents.

Staci Jackson
Staci Jackson

Ryan and Nicole, a couple from NYC, are getting married on their favorite beach in Hawaii and have helped their guests out by hand-picking three of the best hotels next to the wedding venue. The weekend celebration’s plan includes the wedding and reception, cocktails the night before the wedding, and a farewell brunch the morning after the reception. By staying in these pre-vetted hotels, in the right spot, their guests will be close to all the action.

Time for a little easy math. If the couple’s friends and family book 50 rooms for three nights in these selected hotels, at $250 a night on average, then the total booking value would be $37,500! If Ryan and Nicole make an 8% commission on this, they would earn $3000 — which would go a long way towards Nicole’s dress, the wedding band, or their honeymoon.

Are you the one people always ask for travel advice? 

Put your wealth of information to work for you. If a destination wedding isn’t on your horizon, you can plan a getaway with your friends, a work retreat, or curate the ideal week for anyone interested in visiting your hometown. TRVL takes your love of travel and turns it into an opportunity for you to earn a commission at no extra cost to the person booking.

Become a TRVL Agent today to provide personalized advice about travel. Learn more at Together, we’ve been everywhere.

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