Hawaiian girl with fern on Kauai. Hawaii has a population of about 80,000 native Hawaiian people, in a total population of 1.3million, and is the most ethnically diverse state with one in four residents being mixed race and almost 500,000 Asians – mostly Japanese and Filipino. Ethnic Hawaiians are struggling to  preserve their identity against such an influx.
Hawaii – Long Read

Living on top of a volcano

Photo by Frans Lanting

Hawaii – Long Read Living on top of a volcano

Hello Hawaii, where more than a million visitors every year come to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to peer into a fiery crater that is home to the restless volcano goddess, Pele. But some people can’t get enough of lava, pouring rain and strange species: they live there all year round. What’s it like to have a home on top of an erupting Hawaiian volcano?

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