El Ático, where these two women are dancing tango, is a dancehall belonging to the "Friends of Tango" association that organizes regular Argentine tango dances or milongas. The association also helps run the International Tango Festival, Tango Frostbite, in Helsinki every February.
Helsinki – Long Read

Lost Latins of Finland

Photo by Kike del Olmo

Helsinki – Long Read Lost Latins of Finland

Hello Helsinki, where the Finnish reserve bred through long winter nights has met its perfect soulmate in the Latin warmth that is tango. Adopted as the national dance, with its music also changed to suit local tastes, tango has found a new home at the other side of the world from its Argentine birthplace.

Kike del Olmo
Kike del Olmo Travel Photographer

I am off to look for tango in the northern city of Helsinki, in Finland. The #9 tram leaves me in Pasil, a residential neighborhood some six kilometers from downtown. It is a place where every Saturday afternoon an association called “Amigos del Tango” (Friends of Tango) holds a dance. The white buildings on one side are of no specific style, just big blocks with small windows, like abandoned warehouses. By contrast, on the other side of the road, a sandy trail and a construction crane lend the area a desolate air.

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