Indianapolis - Travel Tips

For some of the USA's best comfort food, head to Indianapolis

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Indianapolis - Travel Tips For some of the USA's best comfort food, head to Indianapolis

If you're a road tripper, you've more than likely stopped off in the 'Crossroads of America'.


And there's a lot about Indiana to like. Sydney Febrache, who grew up in Indianapolis and now writes about her travels across the US, shared her top picks with us.

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St. Elmo's Steakhouse

Dinner amongst the stars. Well, the ones traveling through Indiana at least. St. Elmo's is the hot spot for attracting any athletes or celebrities that make their way to the midwest.

Most well- known for the sweat-inducing hot sauce that comes on the side of the St Elmo's shrimp cocktail, and for its delicious steak cooked to perfection.

When looking for an amazing meal on a nice night out downtown, St. Elmo's should be the first place on your list!

Papa Roux

This casual, Cajun-creole spot is known for their friendly staff. Forgot your wallet? No big deal: get them next time. It's as laid back as it gets.

Try po' boys loaded with breaded crawfish or fried meatballs that are unlike any other restaurant; creole, etouffee, and garlic stew are amongst the unlimited sides that come with the meal!

Working Man's Friend

From the outside, you might not be sure about Working Man's Friend...but keep going!

The burger is a classic that comes without all of the unnecessary extras that have become popular elsewhere. With a big basket of fresh fries and a schooner of beer, it's all one could ask for!

The burger is the best in Indy and a must-visit when in town.


Going a little outside the city limits, Bongi's is well worth the drive: it's chef-prepared, farm food that attracts a multiple hour wait on most days.

This may seem like a deterrent but it's actually what makes the place so special!

On any given day, there are huge tailgating parties in the parking lot that make the wait really entertaining: guests often come here with the hopes of waiting a long time so they can enjoy the party beforehand.

Perfect for warm summer nights with friends.

Tie Dye Grill

Also popular amongst the locals, this spot is a great lunch date with burgers, massive sandwiches, and Indy's famous tenderloins.

David Letterman is even a frequent visitor when in town. You may have to wait for a table but don't be worried: there will be so much food coming your way, you'll quickly forget about it.

The Reuben sandwich is the best you can find and usually the main attraction.


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