The graller is a kind of Catalan flute that dates back to the Middle Ages and is played during construction of the castell. Apart from creating an eerie tension as the tower grows, it communicates the various stages to the castellers, letting everyone know how much longer they have to bear the weight.

Listen up! Did you know...

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TRVL News Listen up! Did you know...

...that when you search for hotels, those with no available rooms won’t show in the search results?

Michaela Immar
Michaela Immar

Previously, all hotels – including those without available rooms on the dates you select – were displayed, but, from now on, you won’t see unavailable hotels in the list of results. This way, you won’t have to scroll through lots of hotels that aren’t available to book. You can now more easily find the perfect hotel for you or your traveler. This improvement will also speed up the hotel search process, as unavailable results won't be shown and you will have fewer options to search through.

However, you won’t be left guessing whether TRVL has your favorite hotel if you don’t see it in the results for your selected dates. In the future, when you search for a hotel by name, it will show up even if it has no available rooms for those dates. This means that if you have a particular hotel in mind and are you flexible with your travel dates, you can first of all search for it manually just to make sure that it's offered on the platform. This second update hasn't gone live yet, but it will do soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

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