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Seen the new feature? Well spotted!

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TRVL News Seen the new feature? Well spotted!

There have been lots of improvements and tweaks going on behind the scenes over the last couple of weeks, but one thing that you may have already noticed is that we've added a new feature for items booked on the platform.

Michaela Immar
Michaela Immar

Once you have paid for an item (flight, hotel, or activity), the “choose” button is then replaced by a message that says “This flight/hotel/activity is paid” (as seen in the screenshot gallery below – click the arrows to navigate between them). The items that have been booked are clearly shown on the trip. We’ve also removed the “choose,” “remove,” and “edit” buttons so that you can’t accidentally get rid of a booked item from a trip.

You can see these items shown with the same “paid” message if you’re an agent and a traveler books items in a trip that you sent them. You don’t have to worry about wondering which items have been booked or whether you can accidentally remove an item that has been paid for – it’s all very clearly laid out for you when you view the trip.

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