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Famous travel blogger Nomadic Matt shares his personal story

Photo by Jochem Wijnands

Conversations - TRVL News Famous travel blogger Nomadic Matt shares his personal story

Recently I was in Ireland at TBEX, meeting some of the world’s most awesome travelers and storytellers. I spoke to Christopher James Mitchell, of Traveling Mitch fame, about his upcoming interview with probably the world’s most famous travel blogger: Nomadic Matt.

Jochem Wijnands
Jochem Wijnands Founder / photographer

The interview went up earlier this month. Matt and Mitch talk through all the amazing, transformative experiences that make us at TRVL so proud of what we’re doing to give power back to the traveler.

Here’s Nomadic Matt, at his most awe-inspiring:

"If I look back at who I was before I began traveling and compare that to who I am now, I would have to say that travel has made me a better and more well-rounded person. I’m way cooler now than I was at 25 when I first left to explore the world. Simply put, I’m a lot more awesome now than I used to be. In fact, I think travel makes everybody a more awesome person. We end our travels way better off than when we started.”

You can read the whole conversation over at the Traveling Mitch website. When they’re not chatting about what travel can do for the world – Matt says “I never knew how amazing the world was, or how great I was until I started traveling” - they’re exploring the trials and tribulations of the travel industry.

They also talk about how the travel community can give something back. In 2015, Matt founded The Foundation for Youth Learning and Travel Education (FLYTE), which helps school children in underprivileged areas to travel and open up their boundaries the way Matt, Mitch and the TRVL community have.

Talk about taking power back for the traveler. Says Matt:

"My foundation sends high school classes from the US on teacher-led learning trips overseas. Most of the 66 people that have been to Cuba, Mexico, and Ecuador have never been out of the country before. Most of them need to get their passport for this trip with their class.”

Here’s to a new generation of Nomadic Matts!

“All of them come back after their journey with a new, refreshing outlook on the world”, he tells Traveling Mitch. If that doesn’t inspire you to plan your next adventure, I don’t know what will.

Want to meet Nomadic Matt on your travels? Sign up free at TRVL for the cheapest hotel rates on the internet - and get paid a commission every time that you book. Power to the traveler! 

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