New York - Travel Tips

There's more to New York than Manhattan

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New York - Travel Tips There's more to New York than Manhattan

When you think of New York, you think of Manhattan.


But there are four other boroughs you know! We tour Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island to help you explore the rest of New York City.

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Who doesn't love the beach? Home to Nathan's, the iconic hot dog stand next to the fun fair, Coney Island is a unique and underexplored part of New York City.

Stroll along the beachfront, enjoy Coney Island Pier, and of course, go on some rides.

Head inland along Coney Island Avenue to find some of the best Russian- and Uzbek-American food in the USA. Shout out to Nargis Cafe.

Explore Coney Island

Astoria, Queens

If you've only ever visited NYC as a tourist, you may never have set foot in Queens. Which, when you think about it, is kind of crazy: 2.3 million New Yorkers live there.

Astoria is the jewel in the crown of Queens and is a short skip from Manhattan.

If you're looking for Mediterranean food while in New York, Astoria's the place to be: its Greek food is unrivaled.

The neighborhood is also really diverse: from Brazilian to Balkan and Middle Eastern.

Explore Astoria 

Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

Alicia Butler is a resident of PLG and she swears by it. With its hole-in-the-wall Carribean joints that "rival the ones in the Caribbean itself," it's proximity to Brooklyn's gorgeous Prospect Park, and its plethora of hidden-away NYC gems, Prospect Lefferts Garden is the undiscovered neighborhood in New York.

Explore Prospect Lefferts Gardens

City Island, the Bronx

Get out of the city without actually getting out of the city.

City Island, in the Bronx, is quiet, quaint, and full of old homes and seriously fresh seafood. City Island gives you almost everything you'd get from a trip Upstate: delicious, local ice cream, plenty of boaters (and boats for hire), and lots of local, nearly-lost history.

For something a little different than the rest of NYC, head to City Island.

Explore City Island

Staten Island

See the Statue of Liberty for free: hop on the boat that runs between the southern tip of Manhattan and Staten Island.

Lots of tourists just get off at Staten Island then turn right back around. If you're more adventurous, check out some of Staten Island's Sri Lankan cuisine: San Rasa in particular.

Explore Staten Island

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